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Duoticket Amelie Lens Waagnatie, Antwerpen op 1 februari

DatumIngezonden op: 22-01-2020 13:15 GebruikerIngezonden door: Sylviaatje Deelgenomen: Deelnemen
StartdatumStartdatum: 20-01-2020 StartdatumNiet correct? Je moet ingelogd zijn om een klacht in te dienen.
EinddatumEinddatum: 23-01-2020 EinddatumOrganisator: Redbull elektropedia

Tags: Schiftingsvraag · Binnenlands · Muziek · Tickets


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Amelie Lens’ career is unstoppable. In anticipation of her Exhale event in Antwerp, she takes a moment to reflect on the current state of play.

Besides waffles and chocolate, techno is right up there in the list of Belgium’s most famous export products. In no small part, that's because of the efforts of one incredible 29-year-old talent. Amelie Lens' career is like an unstoppable train at the moment: she's selling out large venues across the globe every week, she regularly churns out techno anthems, and she's pushing her record label Lenske forward with record speed. Her boundless love for dark, hard techno is only matched by her drive to reach as many fans as possible.

You’re lucky to catch a glimpse of Amelie playing on Belgian soil – and next week, you can. On Saturday February 1, she’s taking her renowned EXHALE rave to her hometown, Antwerp, inviting Dubfire, Farrago, Helena Hauff and Milo Spykers (amongst many others) with her. Scroll down if you fancy a chance to win 2x2 spots on the guestlist (we hear it's selling out quickly). In a rare moment of rest, we caught up with Amelie to get an update on the jet rocket that is her daily life.

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